Z Twist

Exhibition Update



We opened our Z Twist exhibition at the Pink Cabbage Gallery in Stroud on Saturday 31st May. It was a great relief to finally see the work in situ’ and the long wall I used, created exactly the right effect. It was amazing to see how each of us had used a dominant grey  and even though our work was very different, the greys created a strong connection between us, which really seemed to pull the whole exhibition together.




Opening day

Opening day


'Revolutions 1 & 2'

‘Revolutions 1 & 2’



The following is from my information panel at the exhibition:

” Z Twist has meant a Stroud residency for Lucy, an area and town previously unknown to her and therefore an exciting opportunity for a new voyage of discovery. She quickly ascertained Stroud’s rich woollen heritage and began experimenting with methods of felting starting with locally sourced fleeces. Her industry partner WSP, who manufacture high quality billiard table and tennis ball cloth, have been a key influence in her work for Z Twist. Through guided visits to their mills at Cam and Stroud and supplying the materials for the project, Lucy says “their support has been brilliant”. As a way of expressing her merging ideas she has created an experimental group of objects related to a theme based around the idea of cogs, wheels, war and industry. The theme has been developed through making observations, collecting information about the woollen industry in Stroud and Somerset, and investigation into the processes and methods of felting. The forms she has created are characteristically organic and careful use has been of the strong colours from her industry partner.”

'Archive 1 &2'

‘Archive 1 &2’