Fox Brothers’ yarn store …

My second visit to Fox Brothers & Co. Ltd and Rosemarie, the designer, gave me access to their yarn store – my idea of heaven … I spent a happy couple of hours finding  all the colours I had put into colour palettes in my sketchbook (see previous post) and winding off small hanks.  I will be using this hanked yarn to experiment further with colours and designs for the blanket – it will be a relief to work with the exact colours.


Their hank winder is splendid, it has lovely ornamentation that harks back to a different era.


Rosemarie also gave me two samples of their lambswool blankets – more gorgeous labelling, and some samples of loom-state blanket cloth, all stiff and rough, such a contrast.


Every time I visit Fox Brothers I seem to notice something different – this time it is subtle checks.  I like the stitched effect of the white and navy-blue twill check on the khaki sample on the right (from Rosemarie’s inspiration board).  On the left the combination of the scarf and jacket in similar checks with toning colour-ways is very sophisticated.


On the right there is a lovely, soft, dogtooth colour-and-weave check, the inclusion of the purple and blue is a nice re-interpretation of a classic.  Re-interpretation is taken even further on the left with converse trainers in classic flannels, reminding me of the sporting origins of flannel.


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