Colour in the Post

What could be better than receiving this gorgeous shade card in the post from Gardiner Yarns? The colours are really delicious (to me colour is edible…) and I am really excited about working with them.  Usually I dye my own colours so working with a set colour palette is new for me – the advantage is that most of the colours have a tweediness, they are not flat colour but are spun with flecks of two or more colours, giving an interesting depth.

140222 ColoursSketchbk_0008_edited-1_620pxw

Ideally I would love cones of each one of the 60 colours – but that would be prohibitively expensive …so to start getting to know the colours I have been working with my photos creating colour palettes.  Initially I started in Adobe Illustrator creating pattern swatches from a scan of the shade card – bad idea – Illustrator does not work well with jpgs and quickly my file size was over a Gigabyte…

140303 ColourSketchbook_0004_edited-1_620pxw

So I went low-tech, printed out several copies of the shade card and worked with scissors and glue (much more fun).  The printed colours are approximate – trying to match colours when using computers and printers that are not calibrated is nigh on impossible.  I started off matching  the reds and then the browns were all wrong .. but it was a quick way to get familiar with the shades and how I could work with them, before diving into the yarn itself.

140222 ColoursSketchbk_0018_edited-1_620pxw


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