Concept: Warmth of Belonging

The Z-Twist brief is all about collaborating with industry partners, heritage, new technology and having a sense of place. When I was applying there was much in the news about energy price rises and the ability of the vulnerable to keep warm this winter. Textiles can keep you warmer – wrapping yourself in layers;  jumpers, scarves, coats and blankets, helps keep the thermostat lower. But how could that relate to place?

My idea for Z-Twist is all about warmth; the physical warmth provided by textiles, in particular blankets, and the emotional warmth of belonging to a place or community. For me there is that feeling of warmth and relaxation you get when you sense you are nearly home. You may be looking out for a particular landmark, it may be subtle changes that you see out of the corner of you eye, or it may be the community or people with whom you live.

140223 BathWalls_0005_edited-2_620pxw

I get that feeling of relaxation at different places for different journeys: returning on the train it is the lovely warm gold of Bath stone in my peripheral vision.


Coming from London and the M4 it is that sudden, beautiful view of Bath coming down the A46.

090913 Manorbier_0200_edited-1_620pxw

And from Wales, I look out for the Second Severn Crossing, the structure always inspires me and once over it we are back in England.

Talking to different people they have their own landmarks that give them a warmth of belonging: for example turning off the motorway on to the A46 roundabout, and one Taunton taxi driver very eloquently said ‘when the pavement ends’ – he lives in the country but necessarily works in the town.

Where do you get that feeling of relaxation and warmth of belonging?



  1. After I’ve been in London for work, it’s the act of getting on the train at Paddington, getting comfy in my reserved seat and settling down for a relaxing journey back to Bath. As it’s usually dark at this time, it’s the announcement of each station that reminds me we’re getting closer rather than anything I see. Chippenham is my “we’re nearly there” station and when I start to get excited about being almost home.

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