Somerset Heritage Centre

4th February Visit to Somerset Heritage Centre

My introduction to the Heritage centre yesterday with Debbie and Penny was fascinating. I was particularly keen to view military textiles and delighted to discover an impressive collection ready and waiting for us.

I love the chain epaulettes, stripes and label attached to this navy uniform. Historically, dark cloth was produced at Lodgemore Mill, the site of WSP.

IMG_7372                                          IMG_7370

IMG_7366                                          IMG_7367


Somerset military insignia made of fine wire work suggest some interesting possible motifs.


Wonderful to see the hand stitching involved in the construction of some of the older uniforms.



Khaki uniforms generally replaced red in Britain from the late 1800’s. I am fascinated to discover that basic labels and  tags are still widely used for archiving materials.  It was unexpected in todays digital environment and has set a seed of thought developing in my mind.



We were shown a beautiful and colourful collection of cards that soldiers sent home to loved ones from the front during world war one. They stood out in stark, colourful, contrast to the depressing, drab, muddy, monochrome images I associate with that war. I would  like to include these for researching purposes as part of the education project.


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